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Advanced Kundalini Kriyas 5-10 Enlightenment Healing Angels

Published on 16 Aug 2018 / In Swami Satchidanand

Advanced Kundalini Kriyas 5-10 Enlightenment Healing Angels - Satchidanand, in the fifth talk in this Sequence on Healing Energy Blockages to get more Energy talks about.. Healing Energy Blockage Matrix Angels which reside at the center of and power Energy Blockages.

Meditation removes Stress and Trauma created Negative Karmic Mass and also removes Energy Blockages, Psychic Programs, Patterns, Psychic Strategies which are created by pain and are created by stress and trauma.

For example, the pain that we feel in our legs and ankles and hips when we sit in meditation - then we feel and heal the blockages of the base chakra.

Blockages are caused by caused by pain, by trauma; and as you dissolve those blockages in the base chakra, you will be able to sit longer without pain.

The purpose of meditation is to teach you how to transmute this Trauma and stress caused Negative Karmic Mass which surrounds the center of the blockage.

The purpose of meditation is to heal the Angel in the center of the blockage by removing - transmuting all of its NKM.

The purified angel can then be incorporated in to the matrix of your psychic body. You can send that angel into your psychic body to be part of your team of angels which are helping you in your work on this planet to increase the size (Greater ability to handle more energy) and functionality (Psychic powers and talents) of your Psychic Body.

If you like to watch the whole talk on psychic energy blockages and Healing Blockage Angels, go to: http://[a]www.energyenhancement.org%2Fplayer%2FEnergy-Blockages-Meditation%2FEnergy-Blockages-Chakras-Outside-Body-Karma-Cleaning-Process.html[/a]

Search YouTube for tag.. swamisatchidanand for more information on Advanced Energy Enhancement Meditation.. Gain Energy, Remove Blockages, Clear Karma and Create Fantastic Relationships..
1. The Chakras above the head.. How man connects with the Universal Energy - Soul Chakra, Monad Chakra, Logos Chakra and the Kundalini Chakra.
2. The Antahkarana Tower, rainbow bridge, which stretches from the center of the earth through every human being through all the chakras and upwards through chakras outside the body into the center of the Universe. A Connection between heaven and Earth.
3. Psychic Energy Blockages which block your connections between your chakras and between you and other people. Psychic Energy Blockages create disease in the Body, Negative Emotions and negative thoughts.
4. Kundalini Energy.

The Advanced Initiations of Energy Enhancement Meditation, www.energyenhancement.org

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