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Dangers of Sexually Transmitted Energy Blockages, Entities

Published on 29 Aug 2019 / In Energy Enhancement Meditation

For Women Only On Sexually Transmitted Energy Blockages, Entities, Spirit Attachments

This video is for all those beautiful souls out there because I want to help you prevent serious emotional and physical conditions.

People get toxic energies and entities from several different ways... when they get drunk, use drugs, use psychiatric prescription medication, or engage in casual sex. These energy parasites attach to us and can transfer to our partners, ultimately causing sickness and/or accidents.

If after being intimate with your partner, you don't feel right, you may have an energy blockage, which could've been transferred by your partner. It's important always have to be in power of your own self and be in charge of your health. Be responsible of your Energy so that you don't adversely affect your partner.

Be aware of who you date, and I suggest you find an Energy Healer who can find Energy Blockages and gift your partner an energy healing session.



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