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LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring - Farewell Dear Bilbo

Published on 15 Jan 2019 / In Spiritual Movie Clips

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Gandalf intercepts Bilbo in Bag End when he is about to leave the Shire for good, and sees that Bilbo has started to become corrupted by the Ring. (HD Blu-ray)

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More tags: Bag End Bilbo takes of the One Ring and becomes visible Bilbo puts the One Ring in his pocket Gandalf I suppose you think that was terribly clever Bilbo Come on Gandalf Did you see their faces Gandalf There are many magic rings in this world Bilbo Baggins and none of them should be used lightly Bilbo It was just a bit of fun Oh you're probably right as usual You will keep an eye on Frodo won't you Gandalf Two eyes As often as I can spare them Bilbo I'm leaving everything to him Gandalf What about this Ring of yours Is that staying too Bilbo Yes yes It's in an envelope over there on the mantelpiece No wait it's here in my pocket Isn't that odd now Bilbo plays with fingers on the Ring Bilbo Yes after all why not Why shouldn't I keep it Gandalf I think you should leave the ring behind Bilbo Gandalf Is that so hard Bilbo Well no And yes Now it comes to it I don't feel like parting with it It's mine I found it It came to me Gandalf There's no need to get angry Bilbo Well if I'm angry it's your fault Bilbo It's mine My own My precious Bilbo looks like Gollum caresses the Ring Gandalf Precious It's been called that before but not by you Bilbo What business is it of yours what I do with my own things Gandalf I think you've had that ring quite long enough Bilbo You want it for yourself Gandalf raises his voice gets mad angry dark Bag End Gandalf Bilbo Baggins Do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks I am not trying to rob you I'm trying to help you Gandalf All your long years we've been friends Trust me as you once did Let it go Bilbo You're right Gandalf The ring must go to Frodo Bilbo It's late and the road is long Yes it is time Gandalf Bilbo the ring is still in your pocket Bilbo unwillingly drops the ring on the floor in Bag End Bilbo I've thought up an ending for my book And he lived happily ever after to the end of his days Gandalf And I'm sure you will my dear friend Bilbo Goodbye Gandalf Goodbye dear Bilbo Until our next meeting Bilbo Sings The Road goes ever on and on as he leaves Bag End the Shire

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