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OM SHANTHI CHANT Kundalini Meditation - OM SHANTI 2

Published on 16 Aug 2018 / In Swami Satchidanand

OM means GOD

OM is the sacred word of the Hindus.
MU is the sacred word of the Buddhists.
Synthesis of Light for one Enlightened, Harmonious World.
OM is a teaching about enlightenment.

A: Vibration in the hips, in the base chakra.
U: Move it up into the heart center.
M: Half of the OM where we move the concentration onto the flow of energy from the Base chakra into the brow, then the Crown, Sahasrara and then, as the breath fails us, and the energies are so much more powerful when the breath stops, into the Chakras above the head connecting us with God. The Soul Chakra, the Monad Chakra, the Logos Chakra etc etc..

Creation of the Antahkarana by means of Mantra and Nadha Yoga.

Creation of the flow of Kundalini Energy in the Antahkarana connecting us to the chakras above the head and the emptiness, Nirvana, stillness in the center of the universe, God....

Search youtube for tag.. swamisatchidanand for more information on the Advanced Techniques of Energy Enhancement Meditation..

Increase Energy, Remove Energy Blockages, Clean Karma, Master Fantastic Relationships, Improve IQ.
1. The Chakras above the head.. How man connects with the Universe Soul Chakra, Monad Chakra, Logos Chakra and the Kundalini Chakra.
2. The Antahkarana Tower, rainbow bridge, which stretches from the center of the earth through every human being through all the chakras and upwards through chakras outside the body into the center of the Universe. A Connection between heaven and Earth.
3. Psychic Energy Blockages which block your connections between your chakras and between you and other people. Psychic Energy Blockages create disease in the Body, Negative Emotions and perverted thoughts which this energy enhancement meditation removes.

The Advanced Techniques of Energy Enhancement Meditation,

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