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Preventing Energy Blockages - Why Energy Healing Heals So Deeply

Published on 29 Aug 2019 / In Energy Enhancement Meditation

Preventing Energy Blockages - Jeannette von Johnsbach Part 5- Choosing Wellness - Why Energy Healing Heals So Deeply


Often times we do things because we've always done them. If something is not changing inside and we want to heal, we need to take a step back and take an inventory of where we spend our energy. Life is incredible and we need to focus on putting joy back into our lives. If we choose wellness and take that responsibility for what we do in life, you'll see the changes happening.

However, we don't want to push ourselves and add more stress. So if eating more healthy is something that you believe needs to change, but then start limiting yourself and saying I can't have x, y, z, then you're actually adding more stress. Just be honest with yourself. Gradually, you'll move toward things that make you more productive and well.

Energy healing is a great tool because people feel the difference when they're liberated. They see the different paths that open up and their lives start to take different directions. The sense of feeling peace is dear to a lot of people's heart. Everyone has stress in life and we all deal with life demands, so to have a way to really decompress without doing much helps people tremendously. And having someone guide you into that place of deep meditation is truly amazing.



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