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Psychic Energy Blockages 6 of 9 Meditation Creates Happiness

Published on 16 Aug 2018 / In Swami Satchidanand

Satchidanand, in the sixth talk in this Sequence talks about Meditation Creates Happiness.. Advanced Energy Enhancement Meditation gives techniques to remove Energy Blockages.

By being still we feel the energy blockages in the body. We need to feel them before we can heal them. We dissolve them using the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Advanced Meditation Techniques.

We feel the blockages in the negative emotions. We dissolve them.

We feel the negative energy blockages in the mind as NEGATIVE DESIRES. We dissolve them.

The first stage is to control the negative desires with the intellect as given in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Pratipaksha Bhavana, but with energy enhancement advanced meditation techniques we can dissolve these negative desires.

In meditation, we sit and sitting we feel pain in the hips and legs. As we dissolve the desire causing energy blockages which reside in the body in the lower chakras - so we dissolve the pain in the legs and associated with that pain are the negative desires which are also dissolved. A symptom of this dissolution is a lack of pain in the legs, - we can sit for longer.

As we quiet the mind (which includes the body, the emotions, the mind and the higher levels of the Hierarchy of chakras above the crown chakra), the blockages which are hiding appear in front of us.

The Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process of Separating the Good from the Bad, of dissolving Energy Blockages.

Pain in the body, negative emotions, thoughts which will make you ashamed - all these blockage caused symptoms disappear with the blockages!

Pure spiritual energy comes once we remove the Energy Blockages which will give you a direction in life which will create pure goodness in your profession and everywhere on this planet.

The light comes from on high because there are levels above the intellect in higher chakras like the Soul Chakra above the head and outside the body.

By allowing the mind to purify you open it up to these higher levels of the hierarchy of your computer - The chakras outside the body connecting you with the Spirit and the energy of goodness.

You remove the energy blockages to this very high spiritual energy and as you follow that energy, then you become happy.

If you like to watch the whole talk, go to:

Search youtube for tag.. swamisatchidanand for more information on..
1. The Chakras above the head.. How man connects with the Universe Soul Chakra, Monad Chakra, Logos Chakra and the Kundalini Chakra.
2. The Antahkarana Tower, rainbow bridge, which stretches from the center of the earth through every human being through all the chakras and upwards through chakras outside the body into the center of the Universe. A Connection between heaven and Earth.
3. Psychic Energy Blockages which block your connections between your chakras and between you and other people, stopping the Spirit and higher spiritual energies. Psychic Energy Blockages create disease in the Body, Negative Emotions and perverted thoughts.

Energy Enhancement Meditation, www.energyenhancement.org

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