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Psychic Energy Blockages, Guru, Meditation + Gurus - 1 of 9

Published on 16 Aug 2018 / In Swami Satchidanand

If you want to learn meditation you need to work with someone who knows meditation: a Guru. Sometimes we need Gurus in our lives.

Trying to learn meditation from a book is like trying to learn how to play the piano from a book! Gurus are necessary to learn meditation.

Meditation is 24 hours a day.

You start with Sitting, then Breathing or Pranayama and this is the base of the Pyramid of Meditation.

Bad Sitting = Bad Meditation

Bad Breathing = Bad Meditation (Not enough energy)

Meditation is the Peak of the Pyramid

Swami Satchidanand here is giving the first part of nine parts of a talk about Psychic Energy Blockages. If you want to watch the full nine parts of the talk ON Meditation and Gurus, go to:

Search youtube for tag.. swamisatchidanand for more information on..
1. The Chakras above the head.. How man connects with the Universe Soul Chakra, Monad Chakra, Logos Chakra and the Kundalini Chakra.
2. The Antahkarana Tower, rainbow bridge, which stretches from the center of the earth through every human being through all the chakras and upwards through chakras outside the body into the center of the Universe. A Connection between heaven and Earth.
3. Psychic Energy Blockages which block your connections between your chakras and between you and other people. Psychic Energy Blockages create disease in the Body, Negative Emotions and perverted thoughts.

Energy Enhancement Meditation, www.energyenhancement.org

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