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Ravel’s Bolero - Devi Dhyani Sacred Dancing

Published on 16 Aug 2018 / In Sw Devi Dhyani Sacred Dance

The DEVI DHYANI Sacred Kundalini Dance Experience

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I think I saw Dance in the style of Devi Dhyani's Sacred Dance from another person for the first time from The Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Lin Huan-Min of Taiwan in their dances Cursive II and III to the music of John Cage videoed in 2003.
It is not the fact that they practise the Long hand style of the martial Arts of Southern China or Tai Chi and Kung Fu and Hatha Yoga although these certainly help movement from the center. It is not the performance style of the Beijing Opera or the wonderful condition and training of their dancers.
It is the aspiration of their dancers and their teachers for the opening of the Heart. It is the meditation and buddhism and evolution of their Director, Lin Huan-Min. It is the fact that everyone in the dance company practises meditation.
In the same way it is not Devi Dhyanis performances as a principal Baillarina or the fact that she is a certificated teacher of the ballet. Nor the fact that she spent time in Kalakshetra school of Bharata Natyam in Chennai with the help of the Indian Embassy of Buenos Aires. Nor her training in Modern Dance.
No, it is not the historical form of the dance as there are many in this world. More, it is the inner energy of the dance created by meditation. It is the use of the dance and the music to symbolise meaning and significance as energy only flows with significance. it is the practise of Energy Enhancement Meditation of Devi Dhyani since 1972 whch has built up her spiritual Energy so that her performances channel the energy of the soul so strongly.
“When I Dance. At the beginning, there is only the music and myself. After some time there is only an identification with the Dance and I feel an explosion of energy along all my body and in my Heart. I feel totally happy, at one with my Soul and the Absolute. My Master Koashar, who has been teaching me the dance for four lifetimes, watches over me and the Dance. This identification with the Energies of the Universe is the only important thing in my life. People in the Audience feel the energy of this identification and sometimes cry and have Kundalini experiences. It is totally fulfilling and my joy is to transmit this experience to everyone.”

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