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The Matrix: Agent Smith Discusses Satanic Belief That Humanity Is A Cancer Extended 1080p HD

Published on 26 Aug 2018 / In Spiritual Movie Clips

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Satanic Karl Marx was a British Agent and the Communist takeovers of Russia by the Bolshevics and British Agents Lenin and Stalin and
China by the Red Guards and Satanic 33rd Degree Freemason, Yale Educated Mao.. killed 160 million people in the 20th century..


13. The inspiration for the fascist state comes from Plato, the male supremacist and apologist for pederasty. Plato is revered as the preeminent classical philosopher, although his apparent advocacy of man/boy sex is not commonly known. A prototypical statement by the philosopher is recorded in George Grant’s Legislating Immorality: “Through the nightly loving of boys, a man, on arising, begins to see the authentic nature of true beauty” (Grant, 1993:24).

Plato’s Republic is his best known work.

The following is a summary of the Republic from W.K.C. Guthrie’s A History of Greek Philosophy:
The Republic (c.370 BC) advances many of Plato’s principal ideas, notably those concerned with government and justice. Composed as a debate between Socrates and five other speakers, The Republic is best known for its description of the ideal state (based on Sparta), which Plato argues should be ruled by Totalitarian Dictator philosopher-kings (Guthrie in Grolier).

As we have noted, the Spartan society was dominated by a pederastic warrior cult that featured mandatory induction of twelve-year-old boys into homosexual partnerships with adult men. Like all such cults, the Spartan military was rigidly hierarchical and elitist. Plato’s concept of the “philosopher-king” is that of an autocratic dictator leader appropriate to such a society. The Totalitarian Dictator Philosopher-King rules over a kind of fascist utopia. Interestingly, Plato’s idealized society in the Republic includes the elimination of the family as a social unit and the elimination of private property.

READ - AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 2 - The Satanic Foundations of Western Philosophy by Satanic Pedophile Eugenocidalist Plato's Republic - "The Concealment of Wickedness and Human Sacrifice" and Satanic No-Soul Aristotle.


14. Satanism is gradually being instituted as the New World Religion defined by Satanic Ritual.

72 Empires have been recorded and every one of them has failed in the same way. The facts have been recorded that a totalitarian and satanic elite infil-traitored and took over all these Empires and that 72 once free, flourishing and rich republics were destroyed from within by Satanic Ritual.

Infil-traition of Satanism is the methodology as slowly every Government Ministry and Societal function is taken over. Eventually a Satanist becomes King Emperor President. The Satanist Pillars of Homosexuality, Pederasty, Drugs and Ritual Sex - both Hetero and Homosexual - are introduced overtly. Christianity and Judaism - the bulwarks Against Satanism - are destroyed and then society fucked through the fear of Ritual Human Sacrifice.

The Ancient Enemy who counts meditation and the mind control psychic arts as one of its main planks of World Domination has used Satanic Infil-Traitors for 10,000 years in every Organisation - Religion, Left and Right Politics, Dynastic Families, Geopolitics, Economics, Universities, Intelligence Services, Think Tanks, Banking, International Companies, Eugenics -

All of them Censoring Worldwide, Advanced Meditation techniques - Alchemical VITRIOL, the Kundalini Key and Energy Blockage Removal from every Meditation Program.. EXCEPT ENERGY ENHANCEMENT!!

READ - AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 3 - Satanism is defined by Satanic Rituals..

This means Pedophilia Sex Rituals and a means of Totalitarian Fear Control of Human Sacrifice.

As presently occurs in Totalitarian No-Soul Communist China. Christians, Buddhists and Falun Gong are executed in special organ harvesting vans - Human Sacrifice.

They have ten of these vans in every city and they work all day long taking fresh organs to the airport for implantation in Japan. The organs harvested and sold to Rich Oligarchs Worldwide

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