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Zen Buddhist Heart Sutra by Swami Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani - Complete Explanation and Chant

Published on 16 Aug 2018 / In Swami Satchidanand

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Even More Explanation of the Heart Sutra:


Complete Transcript: http://meditationalchemy.force....4good.co.uk/2014/12/

Satchidanand: This is a very good time for us all to learn the heart sutra, the sutra of the heart and it was a lecture that was given by the Buddha, thousands of years ago and it contains the essence of enlightenment. If you understand what the Buddha says in this sutra you will become enlightened. Now on the back of this paper (holds up paper) you have a translation in English, of what it means, and what it means is this, “Avoleskitesvara bodhissatva doing deep prajnaparamita clearly saw the mu of the five conditions”, now everybody understands that don't they? It's all in English. It's alright, this is total nonsense, it means nothing. Yea, it's such a bad translation, can you understand it Honey? No. Can you understand it Dhiren? No. The translation that they have given was given by an unenlightened person and all the texts are like this, total nonsense. And you go, “oh holy heart sutra take me up to heaven”, and you're going “Avoleskitesvara bodhisattva – deeply saw – mu – five conditions” – and what do you get out of that? Nothing. And as Father Bede Griffiths said to me, it's all in the explanation. So without more a do, I will tell you about Avoleskitesvara Bodhisattva. Now Avoleskitesvara is a Buddha, he is a bodhisattva. Guillermo, he knows what bodhisattva are, what is a bodhisattva, tell us what a bodhisattva is Guillermo...

Guillermo: errr

Satchidanand: (laughs)

Guillermo: (translated by Devi) he is the one who is doing the (inaudible) to save everybody, the world is waiting for the nirvana state for everybody to become enlightened, and everybody is becoming enlightened, he will go last.

Satchidanand: So it's all in the explanation (laughs). So it's all in the explanation, so a Bodhisattva is a person who has become enlightened and instead of going up to heaven through the goodness of his heart he waits here to help every other person on this planet to achieve enlightenment What a good chap. Bodhisattva who's heart is so big that he wants to help everybody who he comes across. There is a story about the Buddha and the Buddha became enlightened under a Bodhi tree, Bo, it's a bodhissatva tree, no it's a bodhi tree, in the original (inaudible) it is Bo. And after 5 years of torturing himself, austerities, tapas, fasting, doing all the Hatha Yoga he came to the conclusion that this was all totally useless and he sat down beneath the bo tree and magically a beautiful young girl appeared and gave him something to drink and he sat there and he ate down all the beautiful food for the first time in 5 years and reminds me of my donkey. I was teaching my donkey how to remain without food and he was getting along really well and then all of a sudden he died. So there was this guy and he was living for a long time with no food, very much like the fact meditation is a fast for the mind so there he is under this bo tree and he is totally relaxed after his food and that night he becomes enlightened. And they say if you can remain without thoughts then one day your ego will die. One day the thoughts in your mind will die. Just like my donkey, this donkey gets everywhere by the way. I can tell you the story of donkey (inaudible) (laughs). No it's terrible...And the Buddha, thought to himself if I start expanding the truth, nobody will understand me, they will take it the wrong way and it will not do any good at all, anything I say will end up like this translation of the heart sutra, so what's the point of me staying here I might as well go to heaven because I can do no good here but all the Gods and Goddesses....

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